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Halo Infinite wins Game Awards even before ceremony


Game news Halo Infinite wins Game Awards even before ceremony

A first Game Awards reward was unveiled, it is the public vote that rewarded Halo Infinite.

They were thirty at the start, there is now only one. After two qualifying rounds where Halo Infinite was already well in the lead, the third and final round of the People’s Choice at the Game Awards counted five finalists. Halo Infinite finished far ahead of them.

Master Chief takes the lead

As we said, the vote did not really surprise many people. Halo Infinite took the lead throughout the three rounds of voting. There remained therefore five finalists: Halo Infinite, Metroid Dread, It Takes Two, Resident Evil Village and Forza Horizon 5. According to a screenshot of our colleagues from jeuxvideo-live.com, the results shortly before closing looked like this (the votes are no longer available, we only have the name of the winner on the dedicated site):

Halo Infinite wins Game Awards even before ceremony

A choice that is controversial?

Halo Infinite is released too recently to be among the nominees of other awards of Game Awards 2021. So it’s kind of a consolation for Microsoft, even if this vote is controversial among some players and observers. Some people notice that this vote is only based on a few weeks of multiplayer, and absolutely not on the game’s campaign which has just been released. So would it be a vote of license enthusiasts? Multiplayer-based voting only? For fans regardless, Halo won and Master Chief will therefore be honored as it should at the Game Awards 2021.

If we know that Halo Infinite will not be the GOTY or the best multiplayer game of these Game Awards, this audience award will honor the game tonight. The Game Awards are to be followed on LeStream with our journalists and our columnists, from 10:30 pm this evening. The ceremony itself should start at 1:30 am, commented just for you by TPK and Panthaa with Maxildan, Aymeric and Menraw.

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