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Gothic Remake: News from the cult action-RPG at last!


Game news Gothic Remake: News from the cult action-RPG at last!

Released in 2001 and developed by Piranha Bytes, Gothic is an action-RPG in which players find themselves within a community of prisoners working in an iron mine. Problem, the magic barrier intended to retain the slaves breaks and the prisoners take power. For those who do not know, a remake has been announced, but it has been very discreet.

Gothic Remake is alive!

Gothic Remake: News from the cult action-RPG at last!

Two years ago, THQ Nordic released a playable trailer on Steam that outlined the contours of what could turn out to be a true Gothic remake. Only available to players with a licensed title, this playable trailer concluded with a small survey, asking them if they wanted development to continue. Conquered, the players responded favorably at 94.8%, definitively switching on the machine. At that time, we are in February 2020. Since? Well not much, other than a little published image. Gothic Remake, developed in Catalonia Alkima Interactive, has therefore almost disappeared from radar for almost two years.

Faced with the growing concern of players, the studio came out of its silence to reassure everyone. On Steam, the game team has indeed stated that the development continued, that positions were open, and that various companies were called in to support the project. On top of that, an image of the new render of the Minecrawler has been released!

We can assure you that they (the Minecrawlers) are even more terrifying when they move around the game. We’ve also given these creatures a little extra touch, but we’ll tell more about that in a later update. . Overall, we are very happy to share that the development of Gothic Remake is progressing on all fronts. We have assembled a team of more than 35 specialist developers in our Barcelona premises and work with several contractors and subcontractors. Gothic may be over 20 years old, but the scope of this game cannot be understated.

If you are interested in joining the team, know that it takes place on the official website of the studio, which is also looking for a community manager to communicate more often and more effectively around the game. For now, Gothic Remake doesn’t have a release date, but it’s expected on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

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