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Good news Pokémon: we found the real PokéBalls!


Good plan news Pokémon: we found the real PokéBalls!

PokéBalls are inseparable from the world of the Pokémon world. And who hasn’t dreamed of being able to grab one in their hand and throw it while screaming the name of their favorite Pokémon? It is now almost possible with his PokéBalls that we managed to find.

Pokémon: PokéBalls are available at Zavvi with bonuses!

Big operation at Zavvi which is currently offering a great promotion on Pokéball + T-shirts sets for less than 115 $! To take advantage of the promotion, simply put the two products in the basket to benefit from the reduction.

See the PokéBalls available at Zavvi

Zavvi may be unknown to you, but it is not across the Channel where it is one of the main brands selling official products. It must be said that in France, we especially know its predecessor, Virgin Megastore.

This is why you can turn with confidence to this store which currently offers official PokéBalls straight from The Wand Company, workshops specializing in luxury figurines, all of which bears the official signature of The Nintendo Company.

Replicas of PokéBall larger than life!

PokéBalls in the world of Pokémon, it is an essential element. Indeed, Pokémon refers to the monsters that inhabit this universe. Having various and varied shapes, they can also look like animals that one finds in nature, like mythological beasts which populated the imaginaries.

Pokémon are also friends, lifelong companions or even ways to fight. But in order to successfully rally them to your cause, you will need to find them first and then catch them.

For that, nothing beats the PokéBall! Indeed, the latter will allow you to obtain the Pokémon and to be able to raise it, train it, etc.

There are many PokéBalls that meet both general and specific Pokémon cases. Depending on whether they show up in certain places, in the dark or not, on their power, you will have to call on different PokéBalls.

This is why The Wand Company has decided to offer different models of PokéBall. Either way, you’ll be in front of a thin, shiny metal model that will react to your presence or if you grab it.

With its storage box which also acts as a presentation counter, we are in front of a beautiful object that will delight more than the fans and which will remind you of your most beautiful moments during the Pokémon game.

See the PokéBalls available at Zavvi

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