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Designs Unveiled For Worlds Largest Greenhouse
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Designs Unveiled For Worlds Largest Greenhouse

Details have been released for what is believed will be the world’s largest tropical greenhouse under a single dome. The structure will be located in rang-du-fliers, a small town in northern France. The designers of the project are calling it, ‘Tropicalia’. The design firm posted their concept video on YouTube. The video highlights the look and feel of the proposed structure. At first it looks like your watching footage from the Amazon. But nope, these are mock ups of the greenhouse design. 

The final designs will form a tropical bio-dome measuring 15,000 square meters (approximately 161,460 square feet). the scheme intends to immerse visitors in an exotic world that’s looks and feels like the amazon rainforest. The dome will providing a constant temperature of 28°C (82.4°F) in a region with a notoriously poor climate.

The project was designed by coldefy & associés. The award winning firm is based out of Lille, France. It’s design for ‘Tropicalia’ will contain a diverse range of butterflies, exotic flowers, hummingbirds, waterfalls, aquarium basins, fish, turtles, and much more. One of the key features of the design will be the the absence of load-bearing columns. This will ensure that views are not obstructed. 

The design is meant to disconnect visitors from the world outside. A green wall will run along the perimeter of the dome, restricting external sightlines and channeling views of the sky above.

A kilometer-long walkway navigates the undulating terrain, allowing guests to take in views of animals, trees, and flowers. From the exterior, the architecture seeks to merge with the landscape with nature. In order to reduce the visible scale of the building, ‘Tropicalia’ is partially set into the ground, rising as a gentle hill in its natural landscape. The roof structure is composed of pressurized ETFE air cushions set within an aluminum frame. Overall the design seems to be very futuristic. 


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