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Dad Builds Human Powered Generator To Power TV
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Dad Builds Human Powered Generator To Power TV

We live in an age of fascinating technical wonders! Human ingenuity knows no bounds. With that said, we also live in a time we’re it is very easy to take these technological marvel for granted. How many times have you stop to ask yourself exactly how your iPhone works. Or have you ever wondered how much energy is required for you to play your Xbox or PlayStation all day? Chances are these thoughts never cross most people’s minds. In large part because these products are so well design we don’t have to give thought to these matters. Well that’s not the case for YouTuber and garage tinkerer Jeremy Fielding. In Jeremy’s latest video he set out to build a human powered generator for his family, along with some other awesome project. All these projects were assembled using old treadmill parts.  

In the case of the human powered generator, Jeremy hacked together a rowing machine to power a Wii in his house. When they stop rowing, the game stops. He turned an old rowing machine he found into a human-powered generator, using the flywheel motors inside. By attaching it to the power supply of the Wii (plus a couple batteries that hold a charge for a moment), forcing his kids to keep the motor spinning if they want to keep their game alive.

If you want to really make your family earn the right to pay video games, check out Jeremy’s video and see how he put together the contraption. (Skip over to 7:38 in the youtube video above)


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For more videos by Jeremy Fielding check out his youtube channel.


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