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Battlefield 2042 soon in the footsteps of Warzone, PUBG and Fortnite?


Game news Battlefield 2042 soon in the footsteps of Warzone, PUBG and Fortnite?

Released just a few weeks ago, Battlefield 2042 has got off to a rocky start with several big patches aimed at balancing the title and fixing the many bugs that players have brought to light during their game. On the content side, DICE’s FPS could soon follow in the footsteps of other FPS by adding a very popular mode.

Bug, crash, invisibility, connection, or imbalance issues didn’t stop Battlefield 2042 from flow several million copies. A lot of players would have stopped playing already, but the trends are set to reverse and good title following could very well explode the popularity of the game.

In the end, there might only be one left!

Battlefield 2042 soon in the footsteps of Warzone, PUBG and Fortnite?

This follow-up can also be several strokes of polish, but will necessarily go through adding content and hosting various events in the months and years to come. According to insider Tom Henderson, which rarely taps next, DICE and EA are planning to lean very soon on the case of a Battle Royale mode, based on what we find in Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legends. This addition could intervene “in the very near future”. The latter does not give an exact date for the arrival of the battle royale, but specifies that he “doesn’t look like it’s planned for the next six months. “

In the idea, Battlefield 2042 has what to organize a battle royale mode. The title was indeed designed to accommodate up to 128 players on next-gen PCs and consoles, and it is quite possible to one of the cards reworked for the occasion. In other words, the arrival of a battle royale mode would not seem totally surprising. However, Tom Henderson does not mention the case of the economic model. Does DICE plan for this potential mode to be added to the others, or for it to be offered on its own as free-to-play?

According to him, EA reportedly asked DICE to “copy what’s popular”, but the details are meager. Stranger, he evokes the idea that the next Battlefield could be a hero-shooter, therefore more closed and endowing its soldiers with very specific capacities to combine in the most efficient way possible. Obviously, all this remains to be taken with a grain of salt until EA or DICE have announced anything about it.

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